Bonnie Morris

Office: 612 Barrows Hall
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Research Areas
  • The women’s music movement of the 1970s-90s
  • Women’s sports history and representation
  • Oral history and archiving of lesbian artists and subcultures

Bonnie Morris’s work situates her as an archivist/scholar of the women’s music movement, with all of its controversies, artistic breakthroughs, and production values. Many of the foremothers and sites of lesbian performance culture are located throughout the Bay Area, making this an ideal region for oral histories and the collection of material ephemera from concerts and Olivia Records. Bonnie is the author of 15 books, including three Lambda Literary Finalists (Eden Built by Eves, Girl Reel, Revenge of the Women’s Studies Professor) and the critical feminist texts Women’s History for Beginners and The Disappearing L. Her recent exhibit on women’s music at the Library of Congress broke new ground, showcasing lesbian albums. She is an historical consultant to the Smithsonian Institute, the AP U.S. History exam, Disney Animation, the State Department’s International Visitor program, the Global Women’s Institute, and Pacifica Radio Archives. From 1994-2017 she taught women’s history and the popular Gender and Athletics course for the women’s studies programs of both Georgetown and George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Her next book is forthcoming from the Smithsonian Institute in March 2018: The Feminist Revolution.