Job Opportunities


GWS 101 — Doing Feminist Research
Instructor, Barbara Barnes (

GWS 100AC — Women & American Culture
Instructor, Barbara Barnes (

GWS 111 — Feminist and Queer Activist Visual Cultures
Instructor, Betty-Sue Hertz
(contact Chair Laura Nelson

GWS 130AC — Gender, Race, Nation, and Health
Instructor, Tomomi Kinukawa
(contact Chair Laura Nelson


LGBT 145 — Interpreting the Queer Past: History of Sex
Instructor, Michelle Koerner
(contact Chair Nelson

LGBT C147B — Sexuality, Culture and Colonialism
Instructor Paola Bacchetta (


Readers must be UCB students enrolled in a minimum of 12 units in the semester. Please contact the instructor or Chair Nelson directly with your resume if you are interested in being a Reader for one of these courses. 


The Department has immediate openings for GSIs in the following course for Spring Semester 2019:

GWS 10: Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies

Course Description: An introduction to questions and concepts in gender and women’s studies. Critical study of the formation of gender and its intersections with other relations of power, such as sexuality, racialization, class, religion, and age.

GWS 14: Gender, Sexuality, and Race in Global Political Issues

Course Description: The production of gender, sexuality and processes of racialization in contemporary global political issues.

GWS 20: Introduction to Feminist Theory

Course Description: Introduction to feminist theory. Why study theory? What does theory do? What forms does it take, and how and from where does the desire to theorize gender emerge? What is the relationship between theory and social movements? This course will introduce students to these areas of contemporary inquiry.